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  • Kansas City’s Best Mosquito Control Treatments

    Say "No" to clouds of poison and get Mosquito Control Traps through Pete's Pest Control Every Spring like clockwork Mosquitoes come back and create havoc in our communities. For decades, we were mostly reliant upon Deet sprays, home remedies of varying...

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  • Spiders in Kansas

    We have a variety of spiders in Kansas, but not many of them are particularly dangerous.  There are 2 spiders that are dangerous and must be carefully controlled.  The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are the areas most dangerous. We do have many more...

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  • Things to know about Silverfish

    We know these creatures tend to cause a stir when people see them, and we're going to tell you everything you need to know about them.  Silverfish are not predators nor are they venomous.  Let's start with what they look like.   What do they...

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  • Best Insulation in Kansas City

      We decided to start offering insulation services as we discovered that many homes are losing money month after month due to poor existing insulation if any at all, but also because bugs are coming in and without any resistance. We partnered...

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  • Termites: The Battle For Your Home

    The battle with termites can seem daunting, but it can be controlled and managed.  They are easy to understand creatures.  They Require 3 Things   Food Source Shelter/Protection Water Termites do not work as individuals.  They work...

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  • Top 5 Places Bugs Like To Hide

    We've all looked up one day to see a spider had made a web in the corner of a room, or that ants have tried to use brute force in numbers to take over our homes.  What we've done today is created a quick list of easy to check after places that bugs just...

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  • Winter Pest Control Savings

    If it's the middle of winter in Kansas City, don't pay for needless pest control services. Almost all ants, spiders, termites and other pests are inactive this time of year. Save your money and don't have someone come spray your house in the snow. Come...

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