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Kansas City Spider Pest Control Services

Spider Control

Pete’s Pest Control, LLC will spray the exterior perimeter of your home and remove spider webs. On the inside, we apply a pesticide dust under baseboards, in cracks and crevices where spiders may hide. Over time, the dust accumulates on their bodies and kills them.

However, believe it or not, the best pest control for spiders is good housekeeping. Routine vacuuming of baseboards, corners, basements and storage areas dramatically reduces spider infestations. It is good to sweep around window frames, too.

Why is this better than spraying? First, it limits your family’s exposure to chemicals. Second, spraying for spiders is not very effective. Their little feet don’t pick up enough pesticide from a treated surface to kill them.

Spider control takes a team effort. Your good housekeeping and our friendly services will drastically reduce the spider population in your home or business.



Unlimited Annual General Pest Control
$239 per year

(913) 378-8979 or (816) 810-6544

For severe spider infestations, we provide fumigation and attic dusting services as well.  These services are not part of our Unlimited Annual Pest Control program.

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