A More Appropriate Mosquito Control Program

Posted by Cat Heisler

Have you ever wanted to rid your yard of pestering mosquitos without worrying about harmful chemicals affecting the family pet or garden nearby? Pete’s Mosquito Control Program is the answer. The way this Program works is by attracting egg-laying female mosquitos into the trap with a special organic odor lure. Then, after visiting the trap she becomes infected with active ingredients. These ingredients infect every breeding ground visited afterward. This will cover up to 4,500 square feet of property. But you may be asking, how is this harmful to only mosquitos? The key is the larvicide, made from a biological fungus that is only toxic to insects. This makes the trap safe for birds and mammals nearby. This larvicide has even been approved by the World Health Organization for use in drinking water.


Mosquitos cause more than just an annoyance on a summer day, they can carry many viruses including Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Zika. Protect your family this summer with an easy to follow the program. Simply place in shaded, vegetated areas, where mosquitoes like to breed. A solid, level underground is necessary for stable placement. Ideal locations are in corners of outdoor porches, underneath garden sinks, near shrubs, etc. Additional securing tools (ground pins or tie-wraps) can be used for firm placement on different surfaces. The only maintenance required is topping the water up every couple weeks and a new refill of biocide.