Bees & Wasps in Kansas City

Posted by Cat Heisler


Pete The Bug Guy can remove and eradicate bees and wasps from your home safely and quickly. These flying beauties have both beneficial and detrimental aspects to them. Keeping reading to learn more fun facts you probably didn’t know about the bees and wasps.

The Sting!

So everyone knows that bees and wasps have stingers and they can be quite painful. There are more fun facts about their stings you might not know. You might not know that a wasp can sting multiple times whereas a bee can sting only once. When a bee stings you, it actually kills them so they are quite hesitant to actually sting a person.  Even more interesting is that the female wasp will use her stinger to lay her eggs.

Reaction To A Sting

A large number of people are allergic to the stings of bees and wasps. Few people will require treatment but bee poisoning can occur from multiple stings or you could have adverse reactions that may require medical attention. The majority of the time these stings from these creatures aren’t that dangerous. Usually, you might have some swelling and pain at the sting site or for the more reactions, severe anaphylaxis. Reactions may include nausea, loss of consciousness, vomiting, and lowered blood pressure.

Wasps and bees are obviously different insects, their venom is the same. That venom is what causes a reaction in our bodies. If you there is a hive near your home, having a professional pest control company like Pete’s Pest Control come out is the safest thing to do.

Why Bees and Wasps Are Critical

You’ve no doubt heard about the impact of bees on our ecosystem. Bees are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the pollination that takes place in our country. Bees produce the honey and sweet nectar in their hives we depend on.  Bees spend their time pollinating flowers and wasps control the population of various insect species due to their hyper aggressive disposition. Wasps will either eat their prey or use them as a means to spread their larvae. Both insects are critically important to our environment and ecosystem, but it is always best not to have them around your home. Give us a call at Pete’s Pest Control and we are more than happy to remove them for you.