Inside/Outside Living During COVID-19

Posted by Michael Moreno

Inside/Outside Living During COVID-19 

During these times you may find yourself trying to keep busy and enjoy life while quarantined! Many of us have resorted to locking ourselves inside. At Pete’s Pest Control we have been continuing our regular service at our guaranteed quality. But that isn’t enough for us, we wanted to find a way to make life better for all of our loyal Kansas City customers.  The safest place to be outside during this time is our backyard, but soon mosquitoes will be out again and that time will be spent wishing we were inside.

To make life better inside and outside, we are bringing you a simple bundled service. This is a bundle of our Mosquito Control Treatment and Unlimited Annual Pest Control. Our Mosquito treatment is natural and is proven to be effective. The Trap is designed to be attractive to Aedes mosquitoes in particular, who like laying eggs inside artificial containers. Other mosquito species, such as Culex mosquitoes can also be attracted to lay eggs inside the trap.

This will cover up to 4,500 square feet of property. Easily covering most yards in the area, keeping your family and even your pets safe! The larvicide deployed in the trap specifically targets mosquito larvae and is not toxic to pets or humans in this low concentration. The Unlimited Annual Pest Control program allows us to treat your home with a full inspection, along with an inside and outside treatment. After that, we automatically come out three times per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall.) 

If you require treatment between that, at no cost give us a call and we'll come out to resolve the issue. We hope you can continue to stay sane during these times and truly enjoy your backyard this summer.