Bug Control for new construction

Posted by Cat Heisler

You may have noticed how many neighborhoods are being developed and you may be one of the newest homeowners. When land is being developed, an ecosystem is altered which sends insects and various bugs searching for a new home. Often this will be in or around your brand-new house. This is caused by the disturbance of existing ant mounds on the property during construction or the fact that they were brought on to the property or even into the home during construction. 

During construction, the home is open to the environment during much of the process allowing insects and pests easy access and the opportunity to establish a base. In addition, many of the materials used in your home were stored in open and often damp conditions prior to being used to build your home and may have had insects on or in them when they were installed. Wood scraps left behind may be buried underground or in porches attracting termites. We offer unlimited annual pest control and unlimited mosquito control individually or as a discounted bundle. 

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