Termites: The Battle For Your Home

Posted by Cat Heisler

The battle with termites can seem daunting, but it can be controlled and managed.  They are easy to understand creatures. 

They Require 3 Things  

  1. Food Source
  2. Shelter/Protection
  3. Water

Termites do not work as individuals.  They work in colonies and use mud tubes as superhighways.  This is great as it makes it much easier to spot and stop an entire colony.  The bad news is that several colonies may invade a single structure from their own mud tubes at the same time.

The subterranean termites tend to follow lines into a residence or structure. Any line above or below ground would be considered to be very valuable to them for their point of entry.  

  • Railroad ties in your garden that touch the home
  • Underground power lines or cables
  • Underground irrigation pipes
  • Driveway and sideways specifically around the edge near the dirt.
  • Fencing, specifically if it’s wood touching the dirt.
  • Debris like wood, cardboard, lumber lying on the ground touching the home

The thing to remember about the termites is ultimately they are just looking for food to graze on.  Like any animal, once they find a great source of food they are unlikely to relinquish it.  When it’s cool outside, you might find them under rocks or pieces of wood and when it’s really hot they’ll seek somewhere cooler.  Mud tubes and the discarded wings of termites are a great indication of termite activity but are not considered active until you’ve seen live ones moving around. Once they find their food source, you’ll start to find a lot of mud and mud tubing in horizontal lines.

The best key to protecting your home from termites in Kansas City is to cut off their food source.  Protect the slab, foundation, crawl space of your home.  Keep the edges sprayed, and when you notice mud or tubing either call our a professional like us or knock them down.  Prevent debris from laying up against the house. Keep an eye on puddles or standing water near the home.

We can do a lot to stop termites, but the biggest thing you can do is make your house a much harder resource and they’ll go somewhere else where it’s easier.

 These are termites. If you see them but don’t want to keep them call us.

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