Things to know about Silverfish

Posted by Cat Heisler

We know these creatures tend to cause a stir when people see them, and we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them. Silverfish are not predators nor are they venomous. Let’s start with what they look like.

What do they eat and what climate do they thrive in?

They are nocturnal and thrive in the darkness in moist damp areas.  Most likely to be found in the middle of the night in places like basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and attics.  Because they are not predators you will find them out searching for food like paper and clothes particularly any damp clothing they can find.  They are notorious for ruining books, papers, and wallpaper.

How did they get in?

You may have accidentally brought them in with a box or package that was sitting in an infested area.  They will come in through tears in screens, gaps around doors and foundation cracks.  As they will eat human food, if you leave dishes out with food on them it’s going to attract them to take up a shelter nearby.

Are Silverfish dangerous?

They cause a mild risk to certain people with allergies to them.  They are no venomous nor do they transmit disease.  They can invite other creatures in after them and they can startle you with their wild appearance.  Mostly, they’ll destroy cloth and paper.

If you’ve ever seen one and thought, “I need Pest Control near me to take care of this!”  You’ve found the right company.  We are friendly, knowledgeable and we can resolve your silverfish problem.