Top 5 Places Bugs Like To Hide

Posted by Cat Heisler

We’ve all looked up one day to see a spider had made a web in the corner of a room, or that ants have tried to use brute force in numbers to take over our homes.  What we’ve done today is created a quick list of easy to check after places that bugs just love to hide and gather their troops for the Spring invasion. 

  1.  Foyer and Entrances – Always check under, in or around plants placed near any door.  Look under the door and around cracks or any gaps in the baseboard.  The creatures you are most likely to find in these areas will be ants, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. Let’s talk briefly about pest control prevention in this area. Reduce outside water sources near door areas, use artificial plants on the interior of the home, review your landscaping with your pest control company to discuss what will discourage pests.  Weatherstrip the doors to create a tight seal and keep doors shut as much as possible. 
  2. Infrequently Used Guest Rooms – The most common places in these areas that bugs will gravitate towards would be ceiling fixtures, bathrooms, mattresses, and headboards.   The most common pests in these areas will be bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants. Here is how we’d look at doing pest control prevention. Scan the mattress tags and around the seams looking for rust-color stains which would indicate bed bugs. If you find any, quarantine those rooms immediately and call a professional to come out for treatment.  Remove all food debris and prevent moisture from sitting whenever possible.  Every six months, remove headboards and inspect them – especially behind them – for beg bugs or staining. Look for any bunched or buckled carpet or wallpaper as that offers perfect cover.
  3. Laundry Room – You will want to look underneath and behind laundry machines and in our around towel/linen storage.  The typical pest in this area would be rodents and cockroaches. The best way to do pest control prevention would be to check, clean and make sure all drains are sealed and working properly.  Repair water leaks as quickly as they are noticed, throw away lint and other laundry debris which prevents microfungal growth that these pests are attracted to. Get behind and underneath the washer and dryer and give them a thorough cleaning to prevent any easy places to make a home.
  4. Kitchen – This can be a difficult area so it requires constant monitoring. You will want to make sure any drain is clean, sealed and in good repair.  Check all cabinets and wipe out any food crumbs. Keep the trash cans and waste disposal areas as tidy as possible, and throw out trash promptly.  Clean up sticky spills. Light fixtures on the ceiling are prone to spider webs and be sure to move and clean under kitchen appliances.  Your most common pests in this area tend to be cockroaches, flies, ants, and rodents.  The best way to do pest control prevention these pests from getting a foothold in your kitchen is to remain vigilant. Be sure to seal all food containers, secure close bags, and wipe up crumbs. Inspect all packages brought in to ensure they are not transporting pests. Wipe up all spills immediately. 
  5. Outside Trash Area – Everything from wildlife, rodents, ants, and spiders love a dumpster or trash can.  The raccoon has been dubbed the trash panda due to its love of the trash can as it’s such an easy source of food.  The best way to prevent problems here is to keep the dumpster away from the house as much as possible. Sanitize and wash out the trash regularly to do pest control prevention is to avoid build-up and sticky substances from attracting the undesirables.  Be sure to keep the area surrounding the trash cans or dumpster free of trash and debris and if needed spray off the area where the cans sit.

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A lot of people have never experienced bed begs so if you see either these insects or these stains, you’ve got bed bugs.