Meet Willie

Meet Willie!

Mr. Willie is our beagle that has been trained in an accredited facility that also trains bomb dog and drug dog teams for the United States government. He has received strict training at the facility as well as daily training with our team. 

 Willie is able to locate bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adult bugs.  Our team of the handler and Willie are uniquely trained and certified together to ensure that the we get the most accurate results. Although not always possible, our team will make every effort to verify the presence of bed bugs by visual inspection after the dog alerts to their scent. 

The chief advantage of using Willie is his incredible ability to smell eggs that are not visible to the human eye or to detect bugs/eggs/nymphs even when they are hiding in cracks and crevices where they can't be seen.

Advantages of Using a Canine

A. We Detect All Life Stages of Bed Bugs

Willie is expertly qualified to detect both live bed bugs and bed bug eggs. This is the only way to accurately find them as they are tiny and have an odor that humans are going to have a hard time spotting or smelling.

B. Highly Accurate

Willie, a certified canine, has an accuracy rate up to 98% at detecting bed bugs. Pest control professional generally has a 40%-60% accuracy rate.  Bringing Willie out can actually lower your expense for bed bug treatments by locating exactly where in a structure or room and reduce the treatment area.

C. Cost Effective

Speed of bed bug dogs investigating an area is extremely fast and efficient.  Willie can cover surprisingly large areas in a short amount of the time.  Situationally, substantially shorter than it takes for a visual inspection.  As an example, Willie can cover an entire room in under 3 minutes where it may take a professional pest control technician as long as 20 minutes for the same space.

D. Low Impact On Business

Willie and his handler will inspect with very low impact on your business and active customers. He has such an incredibly strong scent detection it avoids the need to pull up carpet, baseboards or dismantle furniture. These things save substantially on your cost of inspection and treatment