Meet Willie! 

Willie is the newest addition to Pete’s Pest Control LLC’s arsenal of tools to protect you, and those you care about, from unwanted pests.  Besides being the cutest thing on four legs, Willie is a certified Bed Bug Detection Dog.  Willie was first in his class at an accredited dog training facility.  Willie’s kennel mates are hard at work with bomb and drug detection teams for DHS, the FBI, ATF, Police Departments and the Military.  Willie loves his work! 

Willie quickly and accurately locates bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adult bugs.  John, his handler, and Willie trained and certified together to ensure accurate results.  Willie has an incredible ability to smell bed bug eggs not visible to the human eye, and to detect bugs/eggs/nymphs even when they are hiding in cracks and crevices. 

Advantages of Using a Canine 

  1. We Detect All Life Stages of Bed Bugs

Willie is expertly qualified to detect both live bed bugs and bed bug eggs.  Eggs are so small as to be virtually invisible, Willie accurately and quickly detects their presence. 

  1. Highly Accurate

Willie is certified to have a bed bug detection accuracy rate up to 98%! Pest control professionals generally have an accuracy rate of only 40%-60%.  Willie can actually lower your expense for bed bug treatments by locating exactly where in a structure or room, thus reducing the treatment area. 

  1. Cost Effective

Willie works fast, and that means money saved.  Willie can inspect a room up to 90% faster than a human. For example, Willie inspect an entire room in under 3 minutes where it may take a professional pest control technician as long as 20 minutes for the same space. 

  1. Low Impact On Business 

Willie doesn’t need you to move furniture, beds or empty dresser drawers.  Willie’s nose knows without pulling up carpet, baseboards or dismantling furnituresaving substantially on inspection and treatment costs.