Kansas City's favorite One-Time Pest Control Treatment

We offer a tried and true robust single service treatment option.  It is only $149 for our one-time pest control treatment. We recommend you call the office at (913) 232-8016 and talk to us about what you are experiencing and we will tailor a solution to your needs. This residential pest control program allows us to treat your home with a full inspection (both inside and outside) along with an inside and outside treatment. 

For choice intense insect problems (or for those dealing with constant insect troubles) we suggest our Annual Treatment Plan. This pest control treatment consists of an initial treatment after that, we automatically come out three times per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall.)  If you require treatment between that at no cost you can simply give us a call and we'll come out to resolve the issue. If you have cockroaches please call us ahead of purchase so we can verify exactly which type of cockroach you have as German cockroaches are not included in this program. Every situation is a little different so we prefer talking to you directly and scheduling a time when you will be ready for us.