Mouse and Rat Control

The best way to protect your home from these vermin is to eliminate their access points, eliminate their food sources and eliminate their nesting areas.

Pete’s Pest Control, LLC will identify how the rodents are entering your home. Then, set up a baiting and trapping system in your home while you make all necessary repairs to keep the rodents out. We also provide the names and numbers of trusted contractors who can do the repair work for you.

What Do Rats Need?

Humans provide the three essential things rats need to live:

  • Food

  • Water

  • Shelter

Why are Rodents like Rats Dangerous?

Rats cause several problems and can't be allowed to linger. The dangers of having rats in your home include:

  • Damage to your property.

  • The spread of disease, several of which can be fatal.

  • Contaminated food storage and preparation areas.

  • The risk of fires from chewed wires.

As a general checklist

1. Fill holes, cracks and gaps

2. Don't feed them

3. Remove their habitat

4. Trim trees, shrubs and limbs back four feet from your home

5. Set traps inside

6. Use baits and poisons outside

7. Check your neighborhood

8. Call the pros

Please Note: That our Rodent programs are not part of the Unlimited Annual Pest Control program.