Pete’s Pest Control uses a no-spray tick system that works with nature to kill ticks that can carry Lyme and other serious diseases.


How does it work?

Young ticks feed primarily on mice, while adult ticks feed on pets, deer and humans. Our traps are made from biodegradable cardboard filled with a specially treated material that kills ticks. Mice seek out this ideal nest material and collect it to line their nests underground. Mice get the material on their fur while moving around the nest. Ticks feeding on the mice die from exposure to the treated material. ¼ Acre is covered by 6 of our traps. If you have a larger property please call our office (913) 232-8016 and we can arrange a custom solution tailored for you.

What effect will it have on my pets?

The EPA has approved permethrin for use in a number of popular canine products that treat and prevent tick infestation. A toxicity study shows that a small cat of 3 or 4 pounds would have to eat more than 100 permethrin-covered mice per day to show any adverse effects. Most cats don’t eat more than 6 per month.