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    Kansas City's most popular Unlimited Annual Pest Control

    Our new Inside-Outside program for General Pest Control (all pests*) is a revolution in safer Home Pest Control. Inside/Outside relies on two cutting-edge “undetectable” control products to attack these pests on all fronts outside your home. Our products form an incredibly versatile, comprehensive pest control tandem, that can be adapted to your particular situation.

     It’s a Win-Win; for You and the Environment

    Protect your property from unwanted and damaging pests and minimize pesticide exposure.

    Year round protection and no charge for in-between and emergency services.

    Provides peace of mind with three annual inspections which may help prevent costly termite infestations.

    Only $239 | 12 Months of Guaranteed Safer Pest Control

    FREE In-between and Emergency Service Calls 


    *Pest not listed are subject to require an additional bid.